My Paris in 17 Pictures

Well, aside from my photos and blog post about the lovely Eiffel Tower, these 17 pictures pretty much sums up my first three (3) days in Paris.   Obviously, I have more in my files, but these are probably the best shots I got.  Like I said in my previous post, I probably need another … Continue reading My Paris in 17 Pictures

The Eiffel Tower

Aahh..the Eiffel! To be honest, I didn't really enjoy Paris that much.  It's probably because of the very very fast-paced travelling that we did, trying to squeeze everything in just three (3) days.  We also experienced some terror threat, but let's talk about that next time. Anyway, as our tour guide said, you can't enjoy … Continue reading The Eiffel Tower

My Mini Haul from a Pharmacie and Sephora in Paris

Question: What's a beauty girl gotta do when she finds herself inside one of Paris' amazing pharmacies a.k.a. drugstores? Answer: Get all the unique skin care she can find for a good deal! Here's some trivia - a typical drugstore in France or Italy (or maybe Europe in general) is mostly filled, from the floor to the … Continue reading My Mini Haul from a Pharmacie and Sephora in Paris