Shopping Report: LazadaPH’s Birthday Sale Haul

Aloha, people!

LazadaPH Haul

I know, I’ve been MIA for weeks. No other excuse/reason – except for I GOT BUSY! Anyways, this is a long overdue post, but I’d just like to share what I got during LazadaPH‘s recent big sale. They’re not much, but I’d still like to share.


So I got one set of makeup brushes for only Php280.00.  It consists of 10 makeup brushes for the eyes and face. I have to say that given the price, the quality is forgivable.  Some are flimsy, but some are actually great. I like the pointed ones most. I’m currently into contouring, so I mostly use the slanted face brushes for that.

Naturactor Silky Lucent Powder in 141


I also got this loose powder from Naturactor called the Silky Lucent Powder in the shade 141 (or 41?). It’s the most expensive from the haul, originally costing Php700.00, but I got it on discount at Php560.00. I’ve read and watched some reviews on this makeup brand from Japan.  But as much as I wanted to try the more famous Cover Face Foundation, I was a little doubtful if what was sold in Lazada was genuine and authentic.  So I got the loose powder for now, which was what I currently needed anyway. I have yet to try it on though, so watch out for that.

all the colors

And finally, I got a 6pc-complete set of Liptorini Organic Lip & Cheek tints for Php700.00.  One shade is at Php185.00 each, so getting it for a package made them cheaper.This version of lip & cheek tints are quite popular in the PH lately.  Aside from being very affordable, they also work really well.  Other homegrown brands are also in LazadaPH, but I liked the reviews on this better.  Unlike the other versions, these are in gel form – so not watery or liquid. I like the gel formula better because it’s easier to blend since it doesn’t dry up faster.  I’ve already tried and worn these shades many times and will post a review soon. My favorite shades so far are Lolita, Peach Perfect, and Petal de Rose.

So that’s the post for today.  I promise I’ll  update more often. 🙂

Have a happy weekend!



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