National Museum Day with Friends

Happy Labor Day Holiday!



Have you been to the Philippines’ National Museum, specifically the National Museum of Fine Arts? I think I’ve been there for field trips during my grade school and high school years.  But it’s been so long already.

Juan Luna’s The Spolarium

I only remember the must-see work of art, the Spoliarium – but I can’t remember it being so huge.



A few years back, a visit to the National Museum usually had an entrance fee.  But now, with its new renovation and re-launch, the entrance is for free!  This is a good thing because it encourages everyone (both Filipinos and tourists alike) to visit and learn more about Philippine history, culture and art.





You know how Old Manila had that huge European or Spanish influence in terms of architecture and design of the buildings, the roads, and the surrounding area? Well, the National Museum of Fine Arts is no exception.  In fact, it’s one of the most beautifully-restored ancient buildings in Manila dating back since the 1600s.  Having been to Europe, I can definitely tell the similarities and where some of the parts were copied from.  The facade of the building itself looked like the Pantheon in Rome, while inside felt like being in a mini-Louvre or Vatican Museum.





And since the lighting surrounding each gallery, with the tea lights all around, gives off a very fresh, bright, and “selfie”-perfect vibe, my friends and I thoroughly explored the place while taking pictures of ourselves and each other. I especially loved taking selfies in the old Senate Hall.




So aside from learning more about our talented Filipino artists and their works, we also collected a lot of beautiful photos.



How’s that for a very productive visit?

Cheers, Chryztyners

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