La Union Grape Farm


In our recent trip to La Union where my friends tried surfing, we also visited one of the grape farms that are currently becoming popular tourist destinations in the area.  The one we visited is called Gapuz Grape Farms. There’s an entrance fee of about Php20.00 per person that come with a cold bottled water. Upon entering, you will be greeted by a bunch of wine bottles in the entrance where you can sample or taste the different fruit wines available for sale. There’s grape, guyabano and blueberry. They taste pretty good especially when chilled, but you have to store them upright in the car because the packaging using recycled soy/vinegar bottles are prone to spilling.


We each actually bought a bottle of wine which I think costs around 200-300. We also tried grape picking which is priced at Php350 per kilo.  They will provide you with a small basket with scissors so you can cut the grapes from the stem.  They also told us we’re not allowed to taste and eat directly, but I’ve read from other blogs that some visitors were able to do that.  So I did eat some in hiding, just to taste how it is. They’re crunchy and a little sour, but passable for local grapes I guess.


Aside from grapes, they also grow other fruits in the area like guapples. If you come where grape picking is in season, you’ll see more grapes in the vineyards.  One of the staff can also be your tour guide around the area where you can learn more about Gapuz Grape Farm.



The lighting underneath the vineyard was actually nice for photos.  So as usual, we took our time to take nice photos around.


That’s all for today’s travel post.

Hope you’re all doing great and I aim to post more in the future days.

Cheers, Chryztyners

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