Happy Easter Weekend from Acea Subic Bay

Acea Subic Bay

Okay, it’s officially back to work here in Manila – it’s the dreaded Monday after a four-day long weekend holiday.  But, I’m still on an official leave from work, so that’s why I’m saying hello today.  I’m on holiday mode, and it’s still Easter in some parts of the globe; hence, the greeting.

Legs with a view LOL

I know I’ve been MIA for about two weeks since my last blog post.  TBH, I’ve really been meaning to do a post over the holidays while I’m away out of the city. But you know, sleeping and reading a book just felt so much more enticing after weeks of grueling work. Plus, I stayed over at my sister’s house in Subic, so I was also kinda on “nanny mode” with her baby/my nephew.  I didn’t mind though – it was fun babysitting him.

So anyway, I’m just here to tell you about how we spent Easter Sunday.  We checked out this new resort inside SBMA called Acea Subic Bay.  It’s a really posh place, and the beach was so calm, inviting, and relaxing.  We availed of their day tour that cost Php1000 per head, which comes with a plated lunch meal.  I know, it’s a little steep, but you’re supposed to pay for the comfort, exclusivity, and privacy of the resort.



Sadly though, while the beach and amenities were great, the service of the staff was disappointing to say the least.  First off, we noticed that when we entered the lobby, no one was there to welcome or greet us right away.  We had to ask from the staff passing by where we can pay for the day tour.  Then, while we were asking about the facilities and day tour amenities, the person attending to us was a bit confusing.  By the time we had our lunch in their restaurant, that’s where everything messed up.  When we got there, we were asked to stay in a separate area because they were reserving most of the tables for the buffet lunch guests.  They also told us that they’re not serving ala carte meals until 2pm, which actually sucked because one of us didn’t pay for the plated lunch.  We then asked if there was really a buffet lunch offered to guests and why it wasn’t relayed to us when we were inquiring earlier.  I mean, the plated lunch actually cost Php500 while the buffet lunch is at Php650, so we could all have availed of that instead, right?

Apparently, there was a lack of coordination among the staff and while we asked to be upgraded to a buffet meal, the confusion among them was very transparent.  Seriously, not really what I expected from a posh and expensive resort.  That Php1000 day tour suddenly seemed not worth it because of their poor service.  In the end, we were able to avail of the buffet and ended up trying out all the food available just to get our money’s worth.  The Php650 buffet lunch was nothing special, other than getting more food choices than the fixed and plated meal.




Lounging by the lobby

But despite that fiasco, we just maximized our stay at the resort while enjoying the ambiance and view of the ocean.  Thankfully and to compensate, Acea Subic Bay’s beach and swimming pools were really great and frankly, it’s what I’m coming back to if ever.  But great service from the resort staff will really make the overall experience so much better.

So, how was your Easter weekend, babes? I hope you all had a restful and meaningful break.  And maybe, you had a grander time than me.

Have a great week!

Cheers, Chryztyners

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