Beauty Friday: ColourTint Intense Blend Lip and Cheek Oil in Lana

I always love discovering local makeup products.  These days, there seems to be a lot of homegrown makeup brands coming up and most, if not all, are really promising.

Wearing the ColourTint Intense Blend Lip and Cheek Oil in Lana on bare skin. Excuse the breakouts, though.

Take the case of Colourette Cosmetics.  I discovered their little shop in SM North Edsa some time last year, but wasn’t really keen on trying out anything until I’ve seen reviews.  Lately though, while I was on my online shopping binge in LazadaPH, I kept seeing some of their products to be trending in the beauty categories.  I’m guessing that’s because those products must be the best-sellers of the brand. Their liquid lipsticks have really pretty shades, but what interested me the most were the ColourTint Intense Blend Lip and Cheek Oils.



Since their prices are very affordable – most of them not going above Php500, I decided to get one. This bottle is only Php249.00 by the way. But I also read some reviews from trusted Pinay beauty bloggers before purchasing.  I ordered via LazadaPH, where the available shades are limited.  I checked on the actual website of Colourette and discovered that there are more interesting shades.  But yeah, I wanted to try one first, before hoarding anything.

So I got this shade called Lana – it’s a bright pink shade. Let’s go chat about it, shall we?

Description from Colourette Cosmetics: “The first of its kind in the local scene, these boldly pigmented tints come in a comfortable hydrating formula with spf 15 that keeps lips and cheeks moisturized and protected while giving a natural blush. Infused with Argan oil – a super-moisturizer that nourishes the lips almost instantly and promotes healing of dry and cracked lips. It also provides superior protection from environmental assault.”


It’s in the form of a very pigmented oil that dries into a matte, powdery stain texture once applied.  Packaging is similar to Benefit’s BeneTint, one of the best lip and cheek tints I’ve tried.  The shade Lana happens to be a nice shade on me especially for the summer, but I need to be careful on applying too much because like I said, it’s very very pigmented. A little dab goes a very long way and a long time, too. I also need to remember about blending it faster, because it dries a bit quickly into a matte, powder texture. Oh, and you have to shake the bottle first prior to application.


Surprisingly, on the cheeks, the color stays on for about 5-6 hours on me – whether I apply it over foundation, powder, or bare cheeks.  But I love how it looks on me better on bare skin. In the pics, I put it on top of a moisturizer only, with no foundation or powder at all. I did apply powder when I started to get shiny, but the tint is still there.

On the lips, I’m also surprised and happy to report that it’s long wearing, transfer-fee, non-drying, and applies evenly with no patchiness.  In these pics, I applied two layers and after finishing a cup of coffee, the color is still there with no traces of transfer on my coffee cup. Amazing, right?


I’m into #clearskin2018 this year and I’m trying not to pile up my makeup because I’ve been breaking out a lot. Hormonal imbalance, sheesh! So lip and cheek stains or tints are my BFF these days.  With this, I think I found a new favorite and thinking of trying other shades as well, like Zola or Naomi. Both are more on the nude/neutral peach shades.

Have you tried these from Colourette yet?

Happy Beauty Friday!

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