Biking around Sha Tin, Hong Kong


This is my first time as a grown up to actually do biking in a different country.  I’ve discovered that it’s an alternative way of exploring a new place better. Plus, it also burns a LOT of calories.  Now, that’s always a good thing, right?

So, here, sharing with you some photos during our bike trip around Sha Tin, Hong Kong.  Sha Tin District is one of the 18 districts of Hong Kong.  It’s a city along the Shing Mun River and part of the East New Territories, Hong Kong. As per Wiki, it is one of Hong Kong’s most successful examples of new town developments in the 1970s.




As it is situated by the Shing Mun river, biking around the area offered a scenic and refreshing view of the city. If you’re a photo enthusiast, you will see that every corner of the bike lanes facing the river is worthy of a shot. Naturally then, we made use of our pit stops to take some photos.



We rode around the designated bike lanes in the afternoon for two-three hours. We rented our bikes in the area near a mall, which connects to the MTR. It’s a good thing that it was late December, so the weather was forgiving. While the sun was bright and hot, the wind was cool enough not to make us sweat so much. We finished by sunset and was able to see more of the city landscape at night. It was also a chance for me to practice some night shots using my Samsung J7 Pro mobile phone.



It’s definitely an experience or activity that’s different from your usual Hong Kong tours. You also get to see a different side of Hong Kong, outside of the usually busy Central district.

Hope you like the photos. Have you visited Sha Tin?

Anyway, I hope your Monday is getting along well. Have a stress-free week!

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6 thoughts on “Biking around Sha Tin, Hong Kong

  1. Beautiful pictures! 😁 never tried biking when we visited Hong Kong but I can imagine its a good way to get around! Don’t know if I fancy cycling in that traffic though haha

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