Hong Kong’s Instagram Pier



There’s a pier, a normal pier, and then, in Hong Kong, there’s the “Instagram Pier”.

Situated near the Hong Kong University, I’m guessing that what used to be a normal pier instantly became more popular because of college students and young millenials frolicking in the area.  I’m also guessing that they invented what it’s now famously known for, the “Instagram Pier”.


Hi, Charlene! 🙂

My friend, Charlene, who lives and works in HK happens to have her apartment located right across the pier.  Needless to say, out of curiosity and before we did our supermarket run for some New Year’s Eve supplies, we headed to the pier to see what it’s all about.



It was a happy surprise to see people having photo shoots around the area. Students, tourists, families, bloggers, and many photographers. We also saw some legit models, complete with makeup artists/glam squad, and the whole camera equipment ensemble. They were posing by the cranes, the colorful crates, and the different colored container vans spread throughout the pier.  Some of the container vans also had some interesting graffiti which made for a great background.




We joined all the fun, so we explored the area to take some beautiful “Instagram Photos”.  The pigeons/birds/doves flying about also made the shooting fun.

The pier is actually not an official public place.  In fact, Hong Kong’s Marine Department tried to put warning signs about safety around the area because accidents have happened where people fell off into the seawater. Scary! Only employees from the Marine Department are officially allowed to enter, especially during loading and unloading of cargos.  I read somewhere that they also tried to block or close off one section from the public.



The Instagram Pier has actually gained popularity because of the beautiful view of the Victoria Harbor.  It’s also best to go there during sunset because of the magnificent colors of the sea and sky changing.   But yes, I do agree that all parts of it could be photo-worthy indeed.

Now, I wonder, there may be other Instagram Piers in other parts of the world, perhaps?

Have an enjoyable week!

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