The Panay Church


When we visited Roxas City and did a sidetrip in Capiz’s former capital, we also went to see the Santa Monica Church, or what is more famously known as the “Panay Church”.  I didn’t know at that time how special it was, until the church’s caretaker told us that it houses the biggest church bell in Asia.

So I did a little research, and it’s true! No wonder there were many visitors going up the bell tower aside from the more usual church visits where you just say a little prayer by the altar.  The bell was indeed huge and weighs about 10 metric tons – that’s about five or more vehicles combined.  You can also go underneath the bell to see how huge it is. Locally, it’s called the “Dakung Lingganay”.



There was an engraved Spanish inscription on the bell’s face: “Soy la voz de Dios que Ilevarey ensalzare desde el principio hasta el fin de este pueblo de Panay para que los fieles de Jesus vengan e esta casa de Dion a recibit las gracias celestiales. ” After several Google searches, I found that it’s translated to: “I am God’s voice which I shall echo and praise from one end to the other of the town of Panay, so that the faithful followers of Christ may may come to this house of God to receive heavenly graces.”

We didn’t hear the bell ring, but I guess that when it does, the bell’s sound and echoes can be heard all over the town of Panay.

The bell tower is also where you can see a good view of the town of Panay. Like any typical old town, the Panay Church was situated in the center of the municipality, near the government buildings, schools, town plaza, and market.



Since the Panay Church dates back to the time when the Philippines was still under Spanish regime or circa 1800s, you can observe from around the church how old it was. Thus, it calls for some sepia shots.


How’s your week going? As for me, I caught the flu bug going around the office. I’ve been trying to avoid it for weeks, taking a lot of vitamin C and not staying there too long.  But I guess, it will catch me sooner or later.  So yeah, I’m at home right now, trying to do some work, blog, and rest at the same time. Is that even possible? Haha.

Anyways, take care you guys and stay healthy!

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