I went to Shenzhen, China, but ended up in Other Parts of the World!

Over the New Year weekend, I spent the last days of 2017 in Hongkong.  I stayed with a friend who lives there, celebrated NYE in a posh cocktail party, went shopping, and also visited Shenzhen, China!

Final stop of the MTR going to Shenzhen
Hello, I’m in China!

Admittedly, there really is not much to see in Shenzhen, unless you plan to go shopping because it’s way cheaper there than in Hongkong.  I’ve read somewhere that it’s one of the best shopping destinations. It’s the city that links Hongkong to the mainland China.

Being a Filipino, I originally and normally need a Chinese visa to enter it.  However, when you avail of a group tour (for at least 4 persons), the visa is already included.  There were three (3) destinations for the group tour and also comes with a Chinese lunch.  In this post, I’m letting you in about the highlight of the tour – our visit in the theme park called Window of the World!

At the entrance of Window of the World
Hello, Chinese plants turned into elephants!

My friend calls it a cheesy place, because it’s an attempt to replicate famous world icons or places.  Although I have to admit that their creations are really almost close to the original thing!  Imagine, a mini- Eiffel Tower, a mini- Tower of Pisa, and a mini-Niagara Falls.  Lol!

Hello, France!  (The Chinese Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and the Palace of Versailles all in one place! )
Hello from supposedly somewhere in Europe!
Hello, Vatican, is the Pope there? Is he also little?
Hello from the real koi fish pond from mini-Japan

For me, I thought it was fun to see mini-versions of some of the places I’ve already visited or seen in person. It was also great to learn about new destinations and new places that I want to see someday in the future.

Hello from India
Hello from Osaka!
Hello, I’m in Canada!

Overall, though, we did have a lot of fun doing creative shots around the place.  My favorite is the mini-version of the Patio de los Leones (or Court of the Lions) supposedly from the Alhambra Palace in Spain. The intricate Moorish design was replicated in detail,  which made me wonder about how the real thing would be like.  I’m sure it would be more beautiful and grand.

Hello, I’m in Spain?
Hello from the Patio de los Leones

I also saw replicas of Egypt, Africa, and some places from South America.  Of course, there’s an area dedicated for Asia, but they’re not as grand as the others from Europe and the US.

I think this is supposedly from Austria or Germany
Hello from Austria! (The mini-version of the castle I want to see in Austria)
Hello from the pyramids!
Hello from the ancient Pharaohs of Egypt!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the photos here. If you follow me on Instagram (and you should, so please do! @chryztyners) I did a series of photos from Window of the World because we had so much beautiful pictures.

Have you been to Shenzhen?  I think it’s worth a visit, because it’s still a different and interesting place. Plus, you can tell people that you’ve literally been to China – which I did! So that’s a check from the list of countries that we all want to visit, right?

Have a fun weekend!

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