Beauty Friday: Baking with a Geisha Powder from Cathy Doll

How’s your Friday, lovelies?  Everything going smoothly and are you finally ready to embark on another weekend? I hope that wherever you are on your side of the keyboard, you are safe and loved. Naks!


So anyway, let’s go on with my Beauty Friday post for today.

What’s all this baking I’m talking about? Am I really talking about makeup?

If you’ve been watching Youtube makeup tutorials and the addictive one-minute Instagram makeup tutorials, you probably know by now that “baking” is a special technique to set your face makeup.  It’s done by using loose translucent powder and a sponge, where you dab the powder on areas that you want to have your makeup set.  It’s  the best way to have your concealer and foundation stay in place and last longer.

5-minute baking on the face looking like a Geisha!

TBH, I’ve been doing the technique for years. The only difference now is the use of a translucent or highlighting powder – in short, something of a lighter shade than your foundation.  So since I’m into clean and clear skin for this year, I tried following these  new baking techniques.  To my surprise and delight, it does do wonders for the over-all makeup look.  It also works best for prettifying selfies.  For this post, I’m sharing my thoughts on how this white pressed powder under the Geisha line from Cathy Doll called “Shincha Matcha Green Tea Pact” was able to help me “bake” my makeup.


The first thing I liked was the packaging actually, so cute! It comes in a compact with mirror and sponge. While the tutorials use loose powder – even the good old baby powder, I find that this one works just as well. I guess the trick is in spreading the product evenly.  I use the sponge to apply the powder to my face, and then use a face brush to spread the product after it has set. Being a pressed powder, it’s also perfect to bring on travels. Plus, it has SPF 15!

Final look!

Overall, while I think it’s not a need to add in your makeup arsenal, this powder is a great product if you’re on the lookout for a good baking/setting powder.  For me, it works really well.  I loved how it was able to lighten my under eyes, yielding an overall brighter look even I only slept 5 hours in the photo above. Clear skin all the way, indeed!

So, how about you, are you into this makeup technique too? What kind of products do you use?

Happy Beauty Friday!

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