Beauty Friday: #ClearSkinFor2018 and More Peri Pera Ink Velvet Liquid Lipstick Shades

Hello, beauties!

I was just wondering, do you have any “beauty mantra” that you sort of stick to every start of the year? Like for example, this year, you plan to do/wear more red lipsticks; or you plan to create more complicated eye makeup; or let’s say, you want to start wearing smokey eyes or maybe intense black eyeliner…

Well, I kinda have that thing – last year, it was when I started wearing more eyeshadows.  Hence, I had to learn to blend my colors better, even if I just usually wear neutral colors.

Now, for this year 2018, my mantra is #clearskinfor2018 – which kinda sums up my recent Facebook profile picture change.  My goal is to have a clearer and brighter skin, which would make me look younger.  Isn’t that what we all want, anyway?

Wearing the shade Dollish Beige Rose


In terms of makeup, anything that would make me achieve that would always be on my list of hauls – like more full coverage foundations or concealers, or more brightening highlighters.  Anything that yields clear, naturally smooth skin without being obvious.  But of course, any great skin care product would be a top priority.

But when it comes to lip color, I would still choose some reds because it’s the easiest way to brighten up a clean face. Especially since I just purchased three (3) new shades of my recent favorite Peri Pera Ink Velvet liquid lipsticks.

From left: Celeb Deep Rose, Oops Fuchsia, and Dollish Beige Rose

Some swatches to show how the shades differ, but you have to look closely to notice them though.

From left: Celeb Deep Rose, Oops Fuchsia, and Dollish Beige Rose

With these lipsticks alone, I can do minimal makeup everyday.  In fact, I totally skipped any eye makeup in my photo above, even my requisite mascara. I just did my brows, applied some foundation and powder, cream blush, and this very pretty shade called Dollish Beige Rose.

And you know what, I discovered that I can have my face done in less than 5 minutes with this look! Thus, I’ve been trying to do this everyday for work now.  Although, I still apply some liner and mascara sometimes (I can’t help it!).

So what about you, what’s your “beauty mantra” for 2018?

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