Exploring Roxas City and a Happy New Year!

Happy 2018!

Hello from the old bridge in the capital of Roxas City

Wow, time flies by so fast and here I am updating my blog again with my first post for 2018. Again, sorry for missing out, guys! I’ve been out and about lately, and also celebrated NYE abroad, specifically Hongkong.  I have many new stories to tell about that trip, but for now, let me post some photos of my first visit to Roxas City, Capiz.

As said in my blog post about Gigantes Island, Roxas City was our entry point for our beach trip in the Islas. But during our two hour drive from Capiz going to Carles, and our last day, we also had enough time to explore Roxas City.

The place was actually named after Pres. Manuel Roxas, the Philippines’ fifth president. Well, technically, he was fifth, but he was also the first president since the Philippines became the “Republic of the Philippines”.  Capiz was his hometown and Roxas City was named after him. We actually learned a lot about him through Roxas City’s official local museum called “Ang Panublion”.  Aside from learning about Hiligaynon, one of the indigenous and ethnic group originating from Capiz, there was also an exhibit dedicated solely for the late Pres. Manuel Roxas.

In this post, I’m dumping all the photos I had during such trip. Enjoy!


Roxas City’s old church built in 1954
View from the bridge
local transportation are tricycles
Pres. Manuel Roxas’ official car circa 1950s
Ang Panublion Museum

Roxas is  also known as the “seafood capital” of the Philippines.  In Baybay beach, it was where you can sample their local seafood fare such as crabs, fish, scallops, shrimps and squid.  It was where we had lunch before heading to Carles. However, being a place with Ilonggos, they also specialize in the world famous “chicken inasal”, so we were also able to try on our last night at RML Manokan Haus where you had to eat them with bare hands.

chicken inasal eaten with bare hands only!
Baybay Beach view while lunching
Santa Monica Parish Church, also known as “Panay Church”

We also saw Panay Church on the way to Carles, so we had stopover to visit.

Starting the year with more travel posts, I hope I’ll be able to sustain this. Hehe.

How was your first week of the year so far? I hope you’re not as busy as me. Stay safe, loves!

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