Beauty Friday: ‘Tis the Season to Wear Reds!

It’s December! It’s my birth month again!

Makeup-wise, that means more reason to wear reds for the lips.  For me, it’s more like bright reds – even orange reds! Nothing speaks more festive like the holidays than a bright red lipstick on your face.

Wearing Peri Pera Ink Velvet in Inktude Rose

So, this calls for a review of my most current red lip find – the Peri Pera Ink Velvet liquid lipstick. It’s a Korean-based set of liquid lipstick under the Club Clio brand.  Interestingly, most, if not all, of the shades are different versions of red. For my pick today, I chose the shade Inktude Rose.



Initially I thought it would be a little muted red, like something red but not really strikingly red. You gets what I mean? But then I found that you can actually build up the color to make it more intense.  However, one layer for me is enough for everyday wear.  In the pic here, I had two layers.

The formula of this is amazing. It lasts forever – even leaves some stain after a meal or a drink.  But while it’s matte, it doesn’t dry out my lips.  It wears comfortably for about 5-6 hours.  Of course, like all liquid matte lipsticks, you have to wait for it to completely dry to make it last longer. It goes on light, smooth and creamy, more like having a mousse texture. I also like wearing it as a stain, or doing the “ombre” lips that the Koreans have been sporting lately.


At the Club Clio store, this goes for about Php495 each.  I think that’s quite cheap for  a great quality liquid lipstick.  The packaging is also cute, which comes very handy for me. I only got one when I went to the store before, because I wanted to test it out first. Now I think I need to browse the store to see more shades.

Have you ever tried these Peri Pera Ink Velvet liquid lipsticks?

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