Beauty Friday: Trying out BLK Cosmetics

Hi, beauty friends!


There’s a new celebrity makeup brand out in the Philippine market. It’s called “BLK Cosmetics” owned and created by Anne Curtis (who just got married recently!), one of Philippines’ most famous celebrities.  She’s also the brand ambassadress/model.

Their tagline “Uncomplicated Beauty” defines the brand’s makeup philosophy – which is all about the basics.  No complicated colors, eyeshadows, and other what-nots.  It’s all about the basic makeup items that a girl or a woman needs to feel and be presentable.  I like the idea actually – I think I would do the same if ever I would have my own makeup line. It’s like “makeup minimalism” to some extent – which I’ve been digging a lot right now. From the collection, you can see how there are several shades of lip colors in different textures.  This showcases how Anne loves lipsticks, especially the red ones.  She even made a statement some years ago in wearing just red lipstick everyday during her noon time TV show.  While there are some nude colors, most of the lipsticks are in different shades of red or pink.

Wearing Charming on my lips

For my little haul, I got the All Day Intense Matte Lipstick in the shade Charming – which is a nude pink. It’s matte and long-lasting, yet it doesn’t entirely dry out my lips.  I can wear it all day for about 6 hours, with some little coffee sips. It’s great for normal office days.

As for my other buy, which is the powder foundation in Natural Beige, I have yet to try this out. So far, I like the packaging and it also comes with a sponge.

Do checkout the website too, because if you’re interested in anything, the website actually shows swatches of the lipsticks and how some items are worn by the models, including Anne herself.  I think it’s a neat idea and very helpful, too. The items are also very affordable and for me, that’s always a plus!

Have a happy Beauty Friday!

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