Beauty Friday: Highlighter is Life

Hi, babes! How’s your Friday going in your side of the world?

I haven’t got much for today’s Beauty Friday, except that I learned a new trick in wearing my powder highlighters.


Guess what? It looks great over cream blushes! Aside from looking like a glimmering princess because of that, this trick also makes the cheek color last. For me, it lasts for at least the whole day assuming I’m just in the office.

In this look, I tried my Catrice Highlighter over my H&M Cream Blush.


See how fab my skin looks.  While I know that the highlighter can also “highlight” my pores,  I just tend to use a stippling blush brush so the powder will be distributed better and not concentrated in one area. Gets what I mean?

Anyway, that’d be all for today.  I’m back to work, so I’ve been busy lately.

Happy Beauty Friday!

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