Semi-Hiking in the Hills of Schufpheim, Switzerland


Have you ever dreamed of walking through a mountain of snow-capped hills on Christmas Day?

Maybe if you live in a tropical country like me, it’s probably something to put on a travel bucket list.  Unfortunately, when we went to Switzerland for Christmas 2016, there was no snow.  Only about a small packet of snow in limited areas.




To be honest, that’s perfectly fine by me, because I experienced snow before and it ain’t so nice.  It’s slippery and cold.  I mean, it’s pretty to look at but I can’t imagine doing a semi-hike along the Schufpheim hills in a snowy trail.  As you know, hiking or trekking is not my thing, and I lose my balance easily…so yeah, I would prefer a dry cold dirt trail over a snowy and slippery one.




The trail called “Marliweg Wurzilla“(UNESCO site) offered a beautiful scenery of perhaps a typical Swiss view.  The trail was also made for kids – which explains the different animals and riddles that you can find all around. We found a spider web, a cow, and a frog.  We also found something that they claim to be a house of dwarfs.



It was fun and despite it being in German, the idea is easily conveyed through the pictures and drawings.




I agree, though, that it would be much more beautiful if there was snow, provided that I don’t need to walk or I have the proper gear for it.  In this instance, we only borrowed some hiking shoes, but we were still freezing cold.

Nevertheless, it was still an experience for the books. I never realized that doing a semi-hike on my birthday would actually be fun.

Happy travels!

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