Beauty Friday: Starting a Love Affair with Club Clio’s Kill Cover Conceal-dation Stick


“Kill Cover” – I like the sound of it. Sounds very, very cool and chic.

“Conceal-dation” – I don’t know how to feel with this word, it’s just too much for me.

Names aside though, I think I’m having a love affair with my newest foundation stick from Club Clio.

I’m a sucker for foundation sticks (I’ve said this many times in this blog), so when I heard/read about this foundation stick from Korean makeup brand Club Clio Professional – and that it’s already available in Manila via the Club Clio makeup shop in Trinoma Mall – I knew I had to get my hands on one.

One very pigmented swipe

Based on the reviews I’ve read, this stick promises to cover, conceal and protect in one swipe.  It’s a far cry from the usual Korean makeup bases which usually go for the dewy, shimmery makeup look. However, being a Korean makeup brand, I was a little worried about not being able to find an exact shade.  Luckily though, with the help of the SAs, I found that 5-BY matches me perfectly.  I also think it’s the darkest shade available locally.

Let me begin by saying that I was sold on the idea that it has SPF 50 and you know how I love anything with sun protection! This means I can get away without having to use a different sunscreen underneath, and it works so far on that note.


Secondly, I liked that it has this compact flat foundation brush on the other end.  It meant that whenever I choose to bring this on travels (which I just did recently), I need not bring a separate brush or makeup sponge. However, upon using the brush the first time, I found that it isn’t as soft as how I wanted it to be – nevertheless, upon several attempts on using it with light hand strokes, I find that it does work to perfectly blend the foundation.  But on my undereye area where I tend to pile the product, I just use “le fingers” because the brush is just too harsh to be used on those delicate areas. Btw, the brush is also detachable, so you can wash and air dry it separately.


Thirdly, let’s go back to that word – “conceal-dation”.  Basically, it’s a combination of the words “concealer” and “foundation”.   So far, I like that it really covers my skin imperfections, redness, freckles, and pores.  I can also layer it up from medium to heavy/full coverage. I don’t use a separate concealer for my undereye area anymore too, because the coverage is already great as it is. It has this cream-to-powder texture upon application.

From left to right: bare skin, one swipe all over the face, and after blending
From left to right: before and after

The overall finish is semi-matte.  I won’t say totally matte, because it’s still a cream foundation thus leaving some sheen.  Plus, when in the tropics like Manila, it’s still advisable to use a finishing powder over it to “mattify” the skin for longer lasting effects. I get about 6-7 hours from this foundation until it’s time to blot.  I also wore it outdoors during a recent travel abroad and it was crazy hot at the time yet my makeup was still in tact. SML ❤


Finally, the price may be a little steep – at Php1550 – although, I got this during a sale for a 20% off discount. However, I think the price speaks for itself, which means you get real great quality Korean makeup foundation. Personally, I think this stick is worth every peso and I will be having a long-term love affair with it for sure.

I’d also like to mention that it’s my first time to try a product from this Korean beauty brand called Club Clio Professional.  I have yet to explore more of the brand though, but I’m having great results with this Kill Cover stick so far. Have you tried any other products from Club Clio?

Happy Beauty Friday!

P.S. It’s Friday the 13th! I hope you get lucky today!


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