It’s Another Bangkok Time!

Hello, BKK sky line – from the 23rd Floor of Aloft Sukumvhit Hotel

Sawadee Ka/Krap!

Yes, I’m on a travel bug high today.  Actually, I think I always am.  Lol! 🙂

Anyway, just wanted to dump some photos on your feed today about my recent Bangkok trip.  I’ve been to Bangkok three (3) times now, and this time, it was a trip with my law school blockmates (and yes, we are all lawyers now!). We did the usual Grand Palace and Wat Pho visit and more importantly, major shopping for my buddies at Platinum Fashion Mall, MBK, Siam Center, and of course, the Chatuchak Weekend Market! But I have tons of beautiful photos this time, some courtesy of my friend Charlene who has a Huawei P10 that takes amazing photos!

Me and my law school blockmates #1EinBKK 

Oh, and we also visited the beautiful ruins of Ayutthaya, but I’ll save that for a separate post because it deserves it.

By the way, it was also in this trip that I experienced being bumped off a plane – or to put it bluntly, being left by a plane on our way back to Manila. I know it was partly our fault, we underestimated the time for the Bangkok traffic and the long wait at the immigration lines.  Because of that, we had to buy very expensive one way tickets each just to get home to Manila on that same day.  Crap! F@%$! Shi@#$%!!! (Yeah, a lot of swearing and cursing went on for about 30 minutes before we finally calmed down.) In the end, I just thought that this was something that every traveller had to experience, however unfortunate it was. I mean, things could’ve been worse, right? And we’re just talking of a mere one way BKK-MNL ticket.

Oh well, that’s all the story for now. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the photos.

The crazy BKK traffic – much like Manila! Notice the unique building in the middle – it was designed like that!
Photo by Charlene and her Huawei P10 in Wat Pho
Photo by Kathy
The Wat Pho (Reclining Buddha)
Intricate Gold
Still in Wat Pho
Selfie with the gold Buddha collection at Wat Pho
Charlene and me, photo by Kathy
Authentic and Yummy Pad Thai with Kiwi Shake
Weekends in BKK  begin with Chatuchak
Grand Palace


Have a fun and amazing day today, friend!

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