Beauty Friday: Pond’s Cold Cream is Still a Winner


At least in my book.

All those miscellar water makeup removers out there are fab, I have to agree. I also use one from Garnier actually.

But there are days or nights when I have full on makeup and I just wanted to clean them all from my skin thoroughly. This tub works like that for me.


Although it does sting my eyes when I use it to remove mascara, I like that it removes EVERYTHING, and I mean everything, including the gunk in-between my pores.  Sometimes I get little whiteheads from using a ton of sunscreen or foundation by the end of the day, and this creamy white goodness helps to remove them all.

Old school is still cool

I remember that my mom used to always have one on standby in her vanity dresser. I also remember that I tried to use it as a moisturizer not knowing that it’s supposed to be a makeup remover.  Nevertheless, I loved how creamy it was then and it still is. I also like the new packaging. It does give that extra moisture on the skin after cleansing.  Of course, I still follow up with another cleanser after, because you know, #doublecleansing.

TIP on how to use: Apply a generous amount on the face and massage all over.  For the eyes, apply with caution as it can get stingy! Sometimes, I use cotton buds/Q-tips to remove mascara so it won’t hurt my eyes. Then, use a facial tissue to remove all the cream, gunk, dirt, and makeup. The skin should feel soft and clean after. Feel free to follow up with another cleanser – I use the Dove pink bar.

By the way, I got this in the Duty Free Store although I forgot the price, but I think it’s also available in SnR.  I’m already halfway through the tub and I might need backup soon.

Happy Beauty Friday!

P.S. By the time that you’re reading this, I will be on another travel. This time, it’s back to BKK! As always, I will fill you in soon!

Take care, babes!

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