Fun Taiwan Part Two: Yehliu Geopark and Meeting “The Lakwatsero”

(Warning: Lots of Photos ahead)

mushroom heads at the Yehliu Geopark

This is the second post about my Taiwan trip  – this time, it’s all about the Yehliu Geopark.

Yehliu, located in the north coast of Taiwan, is more famous as being a geological curiosity as per Wikipedia.20170827_102124






The Yehliu Geopark is exactly where you can see what they call the hoodoo stones or the different rock formations that are known to have been naturally formed in this area of Taiwan. They have names like The Queen’s Head, Beehive, The Princess’ Head, Sea Candles, etc. I honestly tried to identify each one, but they were just overwhelming that I just thought they all looked the same.


One of Angel’s shots and a closer look at the rocks

These mushroom-like rock formations along the sea are now treated as natural and national treasures in Taiwan and they are now preserving them through the Yehliu Geopark.


It was a Sunday when we went there early morning, departing from the Taipei Main Station via a bus going directly to Wanli District.  We alighted on the bus stop near the street going to Yehliu Geopark – it was about a ten-minute walk from the bus stop.  As it was a weekend, I already expected that there would be a lot of tourists like us going there.

Dots of people and mushroom rocks
Yehliu coast with the crowds of tourists

And I was right, it was full of people!

Our attempt at self-timers

Getting a decent shot was a challenge and we basically had to line up for some of the best spots.

The Princess’ Head
I have a cape! 

It was also during this time that we met Angel Juarez, the man behind the famous Filipino travel blog called “The Lakwatsero”.  At first, he was just one of the few people that we asked to take a photo of us and I guess upon hearing our conversations in Filipino, he was immediately friendly (or maybe relieved?) towards us.  After several photos and some conversations in-between asking about our trip to Taiwan, we learned that he was THE Lakwatsero.  I don’t know if it was too obvious,  but we went from being mere acquaintances to serious fan-mode levels. Suddenly, it was like having an interview – Lol!

Yup, a jumpshot IS always a must!


But he was really nice and I am saying this not because I’m a fan, or because he took a lot of beautiful shots of our crazy poses, but because it’s true (Hi, Angel! Haha). After that initial meetup by the rock formations, we went on our separate ways because we wanted to explore more of the Geopark before lunchtime and he wanted to take more pictures (without us lurking around, Lol!).


As it was already noon by the time that we finished and we saw many seafood places around the area, we decided to have lunch in Yehliu before getting on another bus to our next destination. We ordered a LOT of seafood for cheap – shrimps, oysters, and fish. Of course, my friends had to have some milk tea.  Sadly, my stomach can’t handle lactose too much so I only get milk tea when it’s time to go home.

The fishing port of Yehliu 
Because Milk Tea is Life in Taiwan

As we were waiting at the bus stop, we were surprised to see Angel again.  He was on his way to Shifen while we were on our way to Jiufen, but had a common destination which was Keelung.  In short, we shared two bus rides with him and I’m sorry that he almost missed his stop in Shifen because we kept him busy talking. Madaldal lang kame talaga! It was the highlight of our day actually.  Hehe. By the time he left, we were already Instagram-friends (yeah!).


Our bus ride with The Lakwatsero!

So yeah, overall, Yehliu Geopark was beautiful and unique.  It was unfortunate that there were just so many people at the time.  It was also really hot because it was their summer season. Nevertheless, we had a great time and we also met a new friend!

To learn more about Yehliu Geopark, click here.

To get to Yehliu, we boarded the Kuokang Bus at the Taipei Main Station that dropped us off right on the road going to Yehliu Geopark.  There are many signs along the street so it would be hard to miss, plus you will probably be walking along with other tourists. Along this street, you can find the fishing port, many seafood restaurants and milk tea shops as well.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Stay tuned for more of my Taiwan travel posts.

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