Beauty Friday: Biore Sunblocks

Hi Friend! How’s your Friday going?

For today’s Beauty Friday, let’s talk about sunblocks. More specifically, my new Biore sunblocks.


I mentioned in a recent post that I got a new bottle of Biore sunblock from Taiwan. This one little 50ml bottle holds a lot of wonderful promises. For one, it’s a white non-greasy lotion that smells like a minty toothpaste.  I feel like I’m putting toothpaste on my face, LOL!


Because of the smell, it also leaves this cool tingling effect upon application – which I think is overall genius! You know how in the middle of a beach trip and you feel so sweaty and hot because of being under the sun for a few hours? Well, re-applying sunblock using this Biore one never felt like such a chore.  It’s actually kinda refreshing. Lastly, this sunblock leaves a matte finish and a little goes a long way.  I love this bit so much, because it’s perfect for applying on the face, before foundation.  So yeah, so much love for this bottle! I’m not sure if this variant is available in Manila, but I sure wish I hoarded more while in Taiwan.  It was also so cheap, for only 89TD!


Meanwhile, this other sunblock from Biore was bought in Manila.  I think I got this for about Php300++. It’s an invisible spray that you can apply on the face and body.


Since it’s a spray, it is always handy when going to a beach trip. I also like this one, but it’s more for the body rather than the face. I tried using this under foundation too, and it works just as well being invisible and light.

I always love a good sunblock and these from Biore didn’t disappoint, especially the minty one.

Have you tried these versions?

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