Beauty Friday: More Dry Shampoos Please!


I think I’ve said this before – whoever invented dry shampoo deserves a monument – or maybe a kiss from me! Haha!

Seriously though, I love dry shampoo and I think I’ve developed a habit of always searching for a new brand locally.  For my thin and limp hair, it’s more than just a shampoo, you know – it’s also a styling product.  It gives the volume that I WANT and NEED for my hair.  Plus, it’s perfect for cool, typhoon days in the Philippines when it’s too cold to take a shower. #sweaterweather

My only problem is that I tend to use a whole lot of product in one go.  Like I get uncontrollable reflex when I start spraying. So right now, I’m trying to control and preserve the contents until the next purchase (it’s hard though!).

Anyway, I’ve already posted a review of the one from Dove, which is already empty by the way.  I’m just keeping it for reference, in case I find a new bottle somewhere. So let’s talk about these two new bottles I got.



This one from Bench is a surprise – called Shampoo & Dash.  It’s made locally, only Php175.00, pareben-free, and smells really nice. Actually, it has a pretty strong scent but something good smelling though – like a cologne. I’m almost done with this one (I told you I use them a lot!) and will probably get another bottle when I get the chance. I’m happy that there’s a local brand and something that works well too. I just wish it also came in a bigger bottle, like more than 100ml. More product please!



This is my latest find though, Renpure Argan and Coconut Dry Shampoo which I got in Royal Duty Free store in Subic. I forgot the exact price, but it’s around Php300.  It’s supposed to be for color-treated hair, but since it’s also free of harmful chemical like it says, I wanted to try it out. Actually, what got me was the “coconut” on the label.  As you know, I go cray over any coconut scent and I was hoping this will make my hair smell like that too. Unfortunately, it didn’t.  While it does work great for a dry shampoo and while it smells good, it’s does not in anyway smell like coconuts. #Whyyy???

So that’s it. I’m currently obsessed with hair products now and been also trying a few new stuff. But I’m always happy to see a new kind of dry shampoo in the market. What’s available on your end?

Happy Beauty Friday!

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