Shopping Report: All About Those Taiwan Goodies I Got

Yay, goodies from Taiwan!

Before I finish up all the yummy treats I got from Taiwan, I thought I wanted to share what I got. Of course, I have the usual ref magnet – that will always be a staple. But I also got other stuff.

First, the yummy snacks!

Nougats in all flavors

A friend told me that Taiwan makes yummy nougats.  I love nougats and while in Shifen, it’s where we found the different stores selling it by the gram.  There’s also free tasting involved, so you can checkout all the flavors they have.  I tell you – if you love nougat, you’ll go cray here. They have coffee, chocolate, matcha green tea, strawberry, and even one that came with flower petals (I forgot what it’s called!). As I wanted to get all the flavors, I got two boxes of assorted ones for 170 Taiwan Dollars.  But we also got some others weighed in grams which we had as snacks while on the trains. As of this minute, I only have 5 sticks left and I’m like reserving them as special treats.

Mushroom and veggie chips and the ceramic coaster

Another wonderful find were the vegetable and mushroom chips! I always get these during weekend fairs at the malls, and I get them for about Php300 pesos for a small bag.  I didn’t know that they can be found in Taiwan and also made in Taiwan – and also for cheaper prices! I got a whole big bag of each for about 300 TD, but it’s worth more than those little bags I get at the malls.  Have you ever tried these? They’re baked crispy veggies that come as chips.  My favorite though were the mushroom chips. Yum!

mini sky lanterns with LED

I also got some of these colorful and cute mini sky lanterns for about 100TD each.  They also light up with a tiny LED bulb inside and they have Chinese characters that are supposed to indicate what it’s for – like for safe driving, for good health, for good luck, etc. I got those for safe driving for myself and for my family.

Of course, I also got some staple mochi snacks for friends and family.  Plus, this ceramic coaster with Taipei 101 on it. I read somewhere that absorbent ceramic coasters are some of the popular stuff you need to get in Taiwan, so I wanted to get one for myself. It’s cute, anyway.


Finally, did you know that you can get Japanese makeup and cosmetics in Taiwan for cheaper?

TBH, this was a little mind-blowing for me.  But sadly, we were on this 200USD budget challenge for this trip and we didn’t have check-in baggage allowance – so I had to keep myself from hoarding and using my credit card, lol! That didn’t stop me from browsing the different drugstores they have though, to check out the prices and what brands they have. And yes, I have to congratulate myself because the only beauty product I got on this trip was this pretty good sunscreen from Biore, as pictured above. Man, that was sooo cheap compared to the prices in Manila! I only got this 50ml bottle for 89 TD, whereas it would probably cost about Php300 in Manila.  I will talk more about this sunblock in another post though.

So that’s it, my Taiwan goodies haul! Hope you’re all having a good day!


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