Fun Taiwan Part One: The Sky Lanterns in Shifen

The Jingan Suspension Bridge in Shifen

Here will be a series of my recent trip to Taiwan.  Let’s just say that I have so many photos, so I think I need to spread them out into several posts. It was summer in Taiwan and we were really sweating up to the armpits while we toured around. But the heat didn’t stop us from taking so many photos.

Shifen Railway Station

Taiwan is a very beautiful and picturesque country, and I’m sure I will be back soon. Being so close to the Philippines, they now offer visa-free visits for Filipinos beginning on September 2017.  It’s also a very inexpensive trip, I’ll say very cheap both for food, accommodations, and shopping, so what’s not to love? #FunTaiwan indeed!


So to begin, I’ll start with my favorite part which we actually did during our last day – touring the Shifen Old Street. Shifen is a quaint little town situated by the train railroads in the Pingxi District, where Taiwan’s coal mining industry began.  It’s more famous for being the place where you can do the sky lanterns. I had so much fun doing it – from writing my wishes to sending it up in the sky.  As it was my first time to experience that, it felt really great and exciting.

After writing our wishes


Sky lanterns can go for 100-200 Taiwan Dollars. It comes in different colors which apparently have meanings in Chinese feng shui.  You can share with friends, and just assign one side for each one to write his/her wishes on – or you can do like how we did: we all got 1 sky lantern each with different colors.  It was my idea because I wanted my solo shot of the sky lantern – aside from being able to write all my wishes in one lantern. It turned out nicely, of course.

Getting ready to release
My sky lantern up in the blue sky

After we were done with the sky lanterns, we walked around the Old Street to look for souvenirs and lunch.  They have mini-sky lanterns with LED that you can buy as souvenirs.


The different shops along the Old Street
Railroad tracks along the old town

We also went over the Jingan Suspension Bridge that connects Shifen to another old town to take pictures of the beautiful landscape of Shifen.  The bridge was used before to transport coal.



Steaming beef noodles

It was around lunch time when we finished so we looked around to find an eating place that serves yummy beef noodles.  I know its too hot for a soup, but it’s the only place where we found authentic beef noodle soup.



Overall, the Old Town of Shifen is one top destination in Taiwan that should be on your list.

Have you ever been to Taiwan?

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