“Fan-Girling” for Kevin Kwan


Happy Saturday, folks!

It’s my first time to go to a book signing event for a favorite author and this post is all about that.  And I can tell you that the experience was surreal!  I mean, Girl, I was on major fan mode all throughout.

I’m talking about Kevin Kwan, the uber-famous and cool author of the three-book series “Crazy Rich Asians” – which is currently now in the process of being made into a Hollywood movie!  He created three (3) satirical novels: Crazy Rich Asians, China Rich Girlfriend, and Rich People Problems. It’s all about the story of this rich Chinese family with roots from Singapore and all their problems and family issues.  You should start reading it, because it’s highly addictive and funny! It’s also like getting an insider’s view about the lives of the rich.


As for meeting Kevin himself, he’s actually quite charming and funny.  I like how he’s so cheerful in answering all the fans’ questions.

There were several venues for the event and the one I went to was at S Maison in Conrad Manila. As it was almost the last leg of the book signing tours, it wasn’t too crowded and we had seats upfront.  I guess it also pays to be really early – we were there about 4 hours before the event started.


As is usually the case, don’t wait for the movie! The books are always better and gives you all the #feels. But I also can’t wait for the movie.

Have you heard of this Crazy Rich Asians books? Girl, you are missing out if you haven’t!

Have a fun Saturday!

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