New Food Finds and Another Work Trip to Surallah, South Cotabato

5AM inspection..before sunrise literallY!

What’s up, friends in the blogging world?  Sorry for not being able to do a blog post last week. My only scheduled post (thank God I had one!) was for my Beauty Friday series. I hope you liked that one. If you missed it, here it is here.

For today, I just wanted to fill you in about my recent food finds and my work trip to South Cotabato…yet again.

some engineering instruments

Let’s talk about that first. The reason I was so busy and not able to post was because I was there last week. Though I had my laptop with me, I was always sooo dead tired at the end of the day that I’d rather watch TV or sleep by the time I got to my hotel room. It was like four straight days of having to wake up so early! So anyway, I was there with a couple of our engineers to do some electric meter inspection.  I won’t bore you with the details because I also don’t understand most of them. Lol!

The teachers/volunteers for planting trees
I always need a!
The end of the road going to Bakngeb

Aside from that, I was also there to conduct a tree planting activity. It was fun.  At the end of that day, we were supposed to explore a place called Bakngeb River Cave in T’boli, but because it was raining, the road going there was so steep and slippery even for a 4-wheel driven Montero. Too bad, but I wasn’t also planning on some hiking, so that’s fine.

Finally, I have some new favorite food finds.  Sometimes a stressful week can be cured not just by beer or alcohol, but by munching on some new yummy food, right?

Let me begin with these chocolates from Kablon Farms. Kablon Farms is located in Tupi, South Cotabato and they sell their products through these little “pasalubong centers”. They sell fruit jams, juices, coconut sugars, tablea chocolates, and other local food finds. My fave so far are these chocolate callets. They come in a variety of 100% pure dark bitter chocolate, 70% with cane sugar, or 60% with cane sugar.  They’re ready to eat, but can also be used for a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

These Chocolate Callets from Kablon Farms are the BOMB.

Have you seen the latest Game of Thrones episode (Episode 6 of Season 7)?  I swear, I can never watch an episode without munching on something, and this bag of Jalapeno chips saved my day. I like them with a bacon-flavored ranch dip. Yum!

chips that are “Jalapeno-hot” are always winners in my book!

And lastly, Dulce de Leche in a spread! I found this jar in SnR and it’s so heavenly.  I use it on breads, EGGO waffles, and even on oatmeal. Sweet tooth, yeah!

OMG. ’nuff said.

So,  how’s your rainy Tuesday in Manila?  I hope you’re all safe and dry. Stay cheerful!

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