Our Wet Ride in Universal Studios Singapore


I will never forget the day when we went to the Universal Studios Singapore (“USS”) and got totally soaked in the Jurassic Park ride. I’m talking literally soaking down to my underwear.  Lol!

I always find the memory funny. You see, I rode with two of my friends and in total, there were about six of us in the boat/ride. I’m not sure if it’s out of sheer bad luck but all three of us ended up soaking wet while the rest of our fellow riders remained dry – with only their shoes wet.  How did it happen??? I swear, it looked like we just had a shower!

We can actually feel them trying so hard not to laugh at us, look at us, and trying to be polite as possible. I bet that they laughed their heads off right after we got off the ride – pretty sure of that because we laughed so hard! It was a very memorable and funny experience indeed.

Good thing it was a hot and sunny day and we dried off while going on the rest of the rides, including the scary Battlestar Galactica rollercoaster. We also watched the parade and continued to explore the rest  of USS until it’s time for the fireworks.

Ride both red and blue lines
Hello Shrek!

However, there was one ride that we missed – The Mummy ride.  I forgot what it’s called, but we totally missed it. Perhaps we were too occupied about getting dry that we forgot to check it out.  Haha!


Well, at least I have something else to look forward to when I go back to SG.

Happy travels!

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