Beauty Friday: First Impressions on Maybelline’s Fit Me Shine Free Stick Foundation


I have read somewhere that Bobbi Brown’s famous Skin Foundation Stick (which I don’t have and haven’t tried yet) had been “duped” by this Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Stick Foundation.  As I don’t have any personal experience on that,  I can’t say the same although I can tell you from first swipe that it’s a great stick foundation.

I absolutely LOVE stick foundations – in fact, I have used several sticks from local Filipino drugstore brands.  I love the convenient way of using them and they’re great for travelling. I also think they’re the best kind of foundation for my skin type which is “normal to combination”. I don’t know why I haven’t tried the one from Bobbi Brown yet, but I think it’s probably because there’s no SPF.  Sorry, but sun protection is always first for me, babe. The ones I have tried from Nichido and Ever Bilena always had SPF – and they’ve serviced me well for a very long time.  So now, here comes the version from Maybelline straight from their popular and well-raved Fit Me line, which by the way, also has no SPF (boo!). From the label, it says that its for combination skin which sounds good to me. So, I’m here to tell you about my first impressions.


First, I have the shade 220 Natural Beige, and it’s the perfect match.  I’ve always found my perfect shade along the Maybelline foundation shades, so that’s a no-brainer for me. Second, it covers pretty damn well – goes from sheer to medium.  You can probably dial it up to full coverage if you layer more (but I find this useless under hot humid Manila weather – Lol!). But while it covers smoothly and even covering the pores without settling over them, it also felt light on the skin.

Third, and probably the most important of all, it applies matte! Matte, but not flat though, if you know what I mean.  Once you spread it all over your face, it sets and clings to the skin pronto.  By the way, the best way to apply stick foundations is to use your fingers and I found this very effective with this stick.  Also, see the round thing in the center of the stick?  It’s supposed to have the mattifying powers called the “powder core”.  Thus, it has that “cream to powder” formula.


However, since we are in humid Manila, I still recommend finishing off or topping off with a loose powder.  But if I were in a cooler climate, I would probably get away with using it on its own.  Wear time is about 5-6 hours on me in a cool environment, until its time to blot.  I only spot oiliness on the nose and forehead though.

Here’s a before and after shot to end:

Have you tried this one from Maybelline’s Fit Me collection?  If only it had SPF, then I would rate it 10/10.

Happy Beauty Friday, babes!




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