A Revisit to the Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo


I visited the Pinto Art Museum way back in 2015 I think.  But at the time, it was raining so hard that my friends and I were only able to appreciate galleries.  I wasn’t able to see the beautiful and serene gardens outside with the many daybeds spread around that are perfect for just chilling out. I also was not able to really appreciate the greenery around the area.

Luckily though, I was able to visit again – this time with a different set of friends/officemates. More pictures were also taken this time, and it was this time around that I was able to fully appreciate the place. Damn, it’s so huge!



For an entrance fee of Php200 per person, one can enter the property and hang out around the gardens and the galleries.  If you’re in for some art and culture, and maybe some nice dining since they now have an in-house restaurant called Cafe Rizal, you should definitely checkout Pinto Art Museum.  It’s also only a 1-hour drive away from Manila, and all you need is to follow Waze or Google maps. You can also probably take an Uber or commute going to Antipolo.  They’re located inside the Grand Heights Subdivision in Antipolo.  I only found a Facebook page, so check them out here for more details.



We went there in the afternoon – around 2-3pm.  It was a little too hot to explore though. So I guess I would recommend going in the morning and then finish with some lunch there.  It’s a huge property, so better have ample time to spend taking pictures all around.  Every area is also “Instagrammable”, so it would surely be a trip full of photo ops if that’s your thing.




We had about 500 photos taken in different mobile phones, but I’m posting my own shots here, plus a few from my friends. Enjoy!




(Sidenote: I’m wearing my Loreal Infallible Pro-Matte 24HR Foundation here, and with all the sweating I had, it’s amazing that it’s still there. Sorry, I just had to mention that, because #makeupislife. Lol!)

Have you visited the Pinto Art Museum?


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