Beauty Friday: Thoughts on Loreal’s Infallible Pro-Matte 24HR Liquid Foundation


If you’ve been searching for the best drugstore liquid foundations in Pinterest, chances are that you’ve probably encountered this liquid foundation from Loreal. I know because I always see it there. Like way up there in the list.  It’s been raved by both beauty bloggers and makeup artists as one of the best drugstore liquid foundations, and performing at par with high-end brands.

Naturally, this got me super curious, so I tried one myself. For your reference, I have combination skin – mostly oily on the forehead and nose areas.  The shade that I got is 105 Natural Beige – which turned out to be a perfect match! I also got the powder foundation in the same shade, but that’s for another review.


So, here are my initial thoughts on this Loreal Infallible Pro-Matte 24HR Liquid Foundation:

(1) It does mattify the skin instantly.  I say INSTANTLY, because it sets quite quickly – about 10 seconds. So you have to blend it into the skin A.S.A.P.  I’ve read about this bit in some reviews, but having tried it myself, I can say that it really does set quickly. But as soon as it sets, it mattifies everything in place – as in EVERYTHING.  On the packaging, it says “demi-matte” – which for me means, “dewy-not-flat” matte. It works incredible on this note. However, I think it’s still important to use a setting powder for longer lasting effects. I use my Rimmel finishing powder.

(2) Long-lasting effects. It lasts for about 5 hours on me in an air-conditioned environment until its time to blot. I have to put emphasis on the “air-conditioned environment” though.  Because if you wear this outdoors under the hot and humid Manila weather, it will melt on your face “FER SHER”. Not instantly, but maybe for about 2 hours. So like I said, to make it last longer, I always use a finishing powder. By the 5th hour, I have to blot my forehead and nose, but the rest of the face remains matte.


(3) It takes some effort to learn how to use it better. Oh dear, I tried everything – my fingers, beauty blender sponge, the silisponge, and foundation brush. What worked better for me was using my flat kabuki foundation brush because it spreads the product better, faster, and evenly.  Using a beauty blender sponge also works well. The consistency of the foundation is runny, and you have to shake the container first.  Coverage is medium to heavy. I learned that it’s better to apply a little product first and just layer as need be.


(4) No SPF. Yeah, so as you know, I like my base to have some SPF.  So instead, I use a primer with some SPF. Sun protection is everything, baby. In this look, I’ve used my favorite primer – the Shu Uemura UV Under Base Mousse with SPF30.

(5) It settles into my freaking pores.  This is the part that I HATE! While it’s mattifying, long lasting and covers well, I have to say that I really don’t like it settling into my pores. It looks good for about 3-4 hours, but if you look at the skin closely, it clings and settles into my pores! Ugh! Solution: use a primer that also covers pores.  It kinda helps a bit.


Before and After Shots

So now that I got my little thoughts out, I have a personal trick to use this foundation better:  First, I use my BB creams with SPF and pore cover effects on my face; then I follow with either patting or blending the liquid foundation over it to mattify the skin (but only on areas that need extra mattifying); and finally, I set everything with a translucent finishing powder. With these steps, I end up having full coverage long lasting face makeup.  All I need is just some blush and highlighter powder to achieve that glowing clear skin.


If you like #Plakado face makeup, which means full coverage makeup everyday, this works perfect for that.  But you can also apply it sparingly over your oily areas if you only want something sheer.  I tried that, and it also works – just avoid applying on the bigger pores unless you plan to emphasize them. Lol!

As for the packaging, it’s in a small plastic squeezable tube that’s very handy – especially on the go.  I got this for only Php700 from SM Beauty Store – very affordable, but I think it’s cheaper abroad.

Have you tried this foundation? I want to hear your own thoughts, too. Happy beauty Friday!


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