Beauty Friday: Let’s Take a Quick Look at Max Factor’s Masterpiece Nude Palette in Rose Nudes


What’s up, beauty babes? For today, let’s take a quick look at my latest eyeshadow palette of date – the Max Factor Masterpiece Nude Palette in Rose Nudes. Whew, quite a long name, eh?

You know how we beauty and makeup lovers usually undergo a certain of phase of makeup favorites? For me, I’m currently having an obsession with drugstore nude eyeshadow palettes and liquid matte lipsticks.  Every time I’m driving home to work while stuck in traffic, I get myself entertained by looking at nude eyeshadow makeup palettes in Pinterest. #MakeupIsLife Lol!

So while I’m having this phase/#MakeupMoment, let me indulge you a bit about this palette which I got during Max Factor’s recent sale.


It’s been out and about in stores since last year, and I’ve already read and seen several beauty bloggers and Youtubers review and rave about it.  Some of them claim that it’s a dupe for Urban Decay’s Naked 3 Palette – and I find this interesting.  Although, I don’t own any of the Naked palettes so I can’t really compare myself.  I guess some shades are quite similar.

Anyway, one thing I can say is that this palette is promising.  The powders are soft, reasonably pigmented, and blend seamlessly.  The colors or shades also complement each other well.



While I don’t use the sponge brush that came with it, it’s also of good quality.  I used it for the swatches here.

The packaging may be a little flimsy – being plastic and all – but it’s very handy for me.  As you know, I like everything that’s travel-friendly and this one is definitely a winner on that note. I just wish it came with a mirror on the palette though.

To end, here’s a simple makeup look wearing several shades of the eyeshadows to create a subtle smokey look for a Friday in the office.




Happy Beauty Friday, beshies!


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