A Day Tour of Kamana Sanctuary Resort and Spa in Subic



Day tours in luxury hotels sometimes feel like splurging on a budget. I find this very convenient, because it’s like having a sampler of the place first before finally deciding on booking a stay.  If the amenities and facilities seem great, there’s no doubt that the rooms would definitely be nicer. That was exactly the case when I got to see Kamana Sanctuary Resort and Spa in Subic.


Subic, Olongapo is like my second home away from Manila.  I’ve been going there with my family since I was a kid because our parents worked there, and it would always have a special “homey” feel to me. Thus, having a place to stay in Subic (either my sister’s or my Dad’s), there’s rarely a need to explore the different hotel options available. However, I’m always interested to see if there’s something new to experience, see and explore – be it a new restaurant, a newly-opened resort, or a new hip hangout place. One of the new hotels I’ve been meaning to see was Kamana.


Hence, for this post, let me take you to Kamana.  If you knew Subic’s more famous Camayan Beach Resort, its actually located near the area.  Maybe you also know the Zoobic Safari or the Ocean Adventure?  Well, Kamana is situated in another road within that area.  There’s quite a rough road going to the actual resort, which kinda gives you the feel that it’s one of the more secluded and private resorts in the area.


I  went there with my sister and her husband during the Holy Week season and at the time, they had several events geared up until Easter Sunday – buffet dinners, seafood specials, wine dining, etc.  I remember that it was a Good Friday then, and they were having a “Good Friday Merienda Cena Special”.  While guests on day tour were not allowed to use the facilities like the pool or the beach access, we were allowed to indulge in their buffet “merienda” for a fee of Php400++ each. Yeah, a little expensive, but you can expect that given that it’s a high-end resort. The buffet spread was not much, but there were varieties of muffins, Filipino pastries like biko and puto, sandwiches, make-your-own pasta salad, halo-halo and mais con yelo. It was reasonably decent, especially if you were starving. Lol!



Finally, after stuffing ourselves with so much food (I enjoyed the muffins, btw), we went around to see the rest of the resort.  I liked the infinity pools, the beach access and the beautiful ocean view.  Any resort that gives me a spectacular view of the ocean wins me over any time.  What I loved most were the suites called “Casitas” built on top on the sea shore, similar to how resorts in Maldives look like.  While I only saw the pictures of the inside from the resort’s brochures, I’m sure it would be lovely to spend the night there someday.  I think it makes for a great honeymoon or romantic place to stay.



The resort also has a very scenic sunset view and I think it’s so relaxing especially if you were soaked in one of their pools, hanging out in one of the lounge chairs, or walking by the beach. Definitely a sanctuary.

If you’re a wine enthusiast and looking for a place to dine and wine in Subic, Kamana has “happy hours” deal sometimes, so check on their website. I think its perfect while watching their amazing view of the sunset.

Have you been to Subic?  It’s one of the places in the Philippines where there’s a lot to see and visit.  For more accommodation options in Subic, visit TravelbookPH.

Happy Wednesday!


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