First Impressions on Okada Manila

entrance to the casino area

Have you been to Okada Manila? It’s the newest and latest casino and luxury entertainment hotel built in the New Seaside Drive in Paranaque City.  While they are still on soft opening, guests can already checkout the hotel accommodations that it offers, play in the casino, dine at their newly-opened restaurants, and watch for free The Fountain Show.

the lobby in pink

I was there with some friends about two weeks ago to watch the fountain show. For now, it’s being held every hour from 6pm until 10pm every night and it’s for FREE.  Last June 12 – Independence Day, Okada Manila held a special fountain show for a certain fee.  I’m guessing that show is much better than what we saw.

Dance number before the fountain show
a glimpse of the fountain show

Admittedly, we were expecting something grand and amazing.  However, I guess being on soft-opening, there were quite a few glitches during the show.  For one, you can see various metal scaffolding all around the fountain area, and it can be quite distracting because it destroys the whole ambience and feels.  Before the actual fountain show, there’s about a 15 minute dance and song number performed by both Filipino and foreign entertainers.  In my opinion, while their performance was very well-executed, it was too long.  But then again, maybe it’s just me being too excited for the main event.

As for the fountain show itself, they played two songs – one slow and one upbeat. However, it took them about 5 minutes interval before the next song was played.  I’m not sure, but if the fountain show was supposed to be “international” and “global” levels, I  wish they could improve that better.

can you see part of the unfinished ceiling?

We also tried exploring the place, and saw that only a few shops around the fountain area were open.  Right now, there are limited dining options, including the hotel’s buffet service.  Some areas are also not yet completed in terms of construction and finishings. Parking facilities are also limited – so if you plan to visit, I suggest just taking the shuttle  bus from Mall of Asia instead. It will drop you off right at the lobby area.


As a final thought, I really wish they would really do something to improve the ambience and the final structure of the whole building.  The Fountain Show which they claim to be the biggest in the world should be more grand the next time I come to visit.

Any thoughts? Have you been there yourself?


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