A Visit in Bohol Bee Farm Resort

Just a quick post about our visit and tour in the famous Bohol Bee Farm Resort. Actually, we visited two branches – the main branch in Panglao where we had the tour, and their restaurant in Alona Beach where we had lunch.


Upon entering the property, you would instantly feel the “organic farm” and “healthy foods” vibe of the place.  It’s very homey, cozy, and the plants surrounding the area make it feel breezy despite the summer heat.

Having availed of the tour which costs around Php30.00 per person, we were able to explore the area, including being up close with some bees. We were also able to see some of the sustainable livelihood done in Bohol Bee Farm for the local community of Bohol, where they do arts and crafts, baking, cooking, and organic farming.   All their finished products are then sold in the resort’s little shop. I’m a supporter of businesses that have sustainable livelihood and help improve local communities, so I liked this idea.

a portion of the herb organic farm
weaving traditional Bohol cloth that are made into eco bags

It’s interesting to note, however, that while its called the Bohol Bee Farm, the different varieties of honey sold in their little shop were not really from the bees that they take care of . The honey are actually imported abroad, which kinda surprises me.  I mean, it would make more sense if the honey are actually produced from there, right? I may have heard it wrong from our guide though.

Our guide taking the bees out

Anyway, being a boutique resort, they also have a coffee shop called the Kape Bee and a restaurant called The Buzzz Cafe. We were able to sample their roast chicken and some pasta in The Buzzz Cafe located in Alona Beach. I also happened to like their muffins and bread sold in their bakeshop. But my favorite had to be the avocado ice cream with the cone made of cassava. Yum.

selfie with my cone
our colorful lunch in The Buzzz Cafe
The Kape Bee inside the Resort

Have you been in Bohol Bee Farm?  It’s worthy to explore and should be part of your Bohol countryside tour. We had this as the last destination before heading back to Alona Beach, so we had ample time to relax, enjoy the feels, have some ice cream and coffee. It’s also a great place to buy some souvenirs. I got the pesto and malunggay spreads, some organic teas and lemongrass soap.


P.S. It’s been cloudy and rainy in Manila, I hope you guys are all safe and dry. Happy Wednesday!

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