Shopping Report: Maybelline’s FIT Me Matte+Poreless Foundation ON SALE in Lazada

What’s up, beshies! 🙂 (“Beshies” is an endearing term to call your best friends in Filipino/Tagalog.)


In the beauty blogging world, I know that Maybelline’s Fit Me Matte+Poreless Foundation is having a moment and is being raved with great reviews online.  I always see in in Pinterest together with Loreal’s Infallible Foundation line. Here in Manila, we have been waiting in vain (I know I am!) until it finally reached our shores.  As of date, I think it’s already available in Watsons and your favorite beauty sections in department stores.

But you know what else?  While browsing through LazadaPH’s ongoing sale today looking for a flash drive, I also happened to stumble upon the makeup section (yeah, right, stumble! Lol).  Well, aside from the flash drives, I also thought that maybe there would be good deals on make up as well.

liquid foundation

And lo and behold! I found some great deals on Maybelline’s Fit Me Foudnation line. Unfortunately, my shade Natural Beige for the Matte+Poreless Foundation was already out of stock (some people act faster than me! haha!) However, other products in the line were also on sale, so I got myself the foundation stick  in the same shade instead.

fit me stick foundation


I will probably get myself the liquid foundation soon at a nearby drugstore, because I’m dying to try it out! But in the meantime, besh, girl, dude, what are you waiting for?  Go ahead and indulge in online shopping right now.  I know you want to! Here’s the link for quick access. You’re welcome!

By the way, LazadaPH’s sale ends today, so hurry!

Happy Shopping and Beauty Friday!


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