Beauty Friday: Maybelline Hypersharp Wing Liner


Sometimes, when things get pretty busy in the morning, all I need to put on (in terms of makeup) is some good liquid eyeliner, a mascara, and a bright lipstick. Well, that’s aside from the usual face makeup like my BB creams, foundations, or powders.

When it comes to liquid eyeliners, I’m a “felt tip” kinda girl.  I don’t know how to use the thin brush kinds and when I do, it’s a whole mess. So I always just stick to the felt-tip kind.

Anyway, I happened to find this one from Maybelline called the Hypersharp Wing Liner.  At the time, it was on sale for Php299 in Watsons, but I think it retails for a regular price of Php399. Having used this many times, I think it’s time to give it some love and praises.

Among its sisters in the Hypersharp Liner line, this one  has a special feature of having  a longer tip, with both thick and thin tips.  It’s supposed to aid you in making precise lines and doing that sharp wing. I think it’s a neat trick, if you always go for a winged eyeliner look. Compared to the regular Hypersharp Liner in gold and black packaging, I think you need this if you always wanted that flick.

You can go thick
You can go thin

As for me, I’m usually fine with just tightlining my upper lips and this performs really well for that. The thin and longer tip makes it easier to cover every corner of my lashline. It also lasts for the whole day (maybe around 8-9 hours), and even in our humid Manila weather, that’s always a winner, right? It also applies black with some little sheen to it.


Have you tried this one? Maybelline PH usually has lots of sale going on, and if these are included, you should get one yourself.

Happy Beauty Friday!


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