Exploring Fundacion Pacita in Batanes


It’s been a year since my Batanes experience.  But despite that, looking at our pictures during that trip still brings back “hangover” memories. I still long to go back someday and see more of its fresh and breathtaking beauty. When I hear Batanes, all I could think of are fresh breeze, sunny afternoons in the hills, and beautiful landscapes.

Enjoying the Pacific Ocean view from one of the guests’ area

So for today while I’m craving for #Batanesfeels, let me give you a short tour around the famous Fundacion Pacita Batanes Nature Lodge.  This destination is usually a part of the North Batan Tour; however, we decided to make it the last stop of our South Batan Tour because we had plenty of time to spare.  Having done that was actually the better option because we had more time to chill, relax and enjoy the place – which is how you should really do it when you visit this place in my opinion.

Entrance to Cafe du Tukon 
Inside Cafe du Tukon

We chose to have our merienda in its Cafe du Tukon. Being the last stop, we definitely had more time to sip our coffee, eat organic pizza, and devour the yummy cheesecake. We also had the restaurant all to ourselves, which meant more time to do some pictures. I already made a random photo post about it before, but today, it will be a full blown blog post.

The place is named after one of the Philippines’ internationally-acclaimed and  national artist, Pacita Abad. The place is actually the residence of the Abad family and the home studio of Pacita.  Aside from the hotel and restaurant, you can also tour around their pretty garden, but be cautious and respectful because you might actually meet some members of the Abad family around the place. Having Ivatan roots, Pacita’s paintings and creative works also depict the Ivatan’s culture, heritage and traditions. You can also see some of her works displayed throughout the place.

Posing with Pacita’s statue
and Pacita’s parents
Hanging out in the garden

At the time that we visited, there was a wedding reception being held.  However, before the guests arrived, we were fortunate enough to be allowed a tour of one the hotel rooms and guests area. We saw the room called Sumla2.

Inside the spacious and cozy Sumla2

Fundacion Pacita is probably the most posh and expensive accomodation in Batanes. However, with the popularity of the so-called “destination weddings”, with Batanes being one of the top destinations in the Philippines, Fundacion Pacita is THE one place you should book for that dream wedding in Batanes. Every nook and cranny is so picturesque and beautiful, full of greens and fresh air that truly depict what Batanes is supposed to be.

The balcony outside the Sumla2 suite
Imagine waking up to this view every day
How about the Pacific Ocean to see outside every day?

With this, I end with saying – I hope you enjoyed my blog post and I wish and hope you can also see and experience beautiful Batanes someday.

Happy Travels!


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