My Paris in 17 Pictures

1. One of my favorite photos in Paris while walking towards the Tulleries

Well, aside from my photos and blog post about the lovely Eiffel Tower, these 17 pictures pretty much sums up my first three (3) days in Paris.

2. A typical street in Paris with its typical Parisian buildings


Obviously, I have more in my files, but these are probably the best shots I got.  Like I said in my previous post, I probably need another stay in Paris to truly enjoy and understand why people find it really special.  We didn’t even encounter many French/Parisians, except our Airbnb host who was married to a British man.  We hardly heard them speaking French, which was a bit disappointing because I’d love to hear some pretty French words in person.

3. Our tour guide in the red scarf was actually a Spanish film student who speaks English very well

Our one day of walking tour was not really enough to see and experience everything. Perhaps in my next visits (crossing fingers!), I will be able to have more beautiful photos. Hopefully, more beauty shots, blogger posts, and food posts – because that’s how bloggers roll supposedly. Lol!

4. Le Notre Dame
5. We only saw outside 😦

But here, you can see the pictures I took while we were on our walking tour.  Some of the other pictures were also from our museum tour of the Louvre.

6. Panis means something else in Tagalog..Lol!
7.  Island/Islet in between the Seine River

Speaking of the Louvre, I was always remembering Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code every time I looked in that amazing glass pyramid.  The pyramid was originally supposed to be purely made of glass, but because of gravity and some earthly elements like earthquakes and strong winds, the architect decided to install steel or metal within the structure to hold it to pieces. This amazing genius architect was Chinese-American architect I.M. Pei.

8. Me and the Louvre
9. The Louvre and its pyramid
10. Still in the Louvre

It’s also notable that it would be a foreign architect who would create an iconic structure in Paris, instead of French artists, architects, or engineers.  This modern structure stands in mighty contrast against its backdrop of an ancient palace during the reign of King Francis I. Very creative for such a supposedly creative and stunning place like Paris no less.

11. Inside the Louvre museum
12. Winged Victory of Samothrace
13. Selfie in the Musee
14. Do I still need a caption for this?
15. Some art

Meanwhile, I kinda liked and enjoyed the vibe while walking across the different bridges over Le Seine River. I know it’s a little “touristy”, but it’s about the close I could get to getting that Parisian vibe – whatever that may be.

16. River Seine Cruise

Le sigh.

Someday, I will spend more than three (3) days with you, Paris.  I promise I’ll have more time to sit back, relax and enjoy some cafe with butter croissants.  I’ll try to get myself a box of Lauduree macaroons, instead of the big ones from Paul (although I kinda enjoyed the big ones better :)).  I will also try eating some real French dinner, instead of the Chinese food we had one evening around Galleries La Fayette.

17. Winter in Paris

Until then, I will go back to this post to remember what it was like to live like a Parisian for three (3) days. I realized that the only Parisian thing I did while in Paris was to buy perfume and makeup.  Lol!

Oui, Paris, I will go back someday.  🙂


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