7 Things to See in Bohol Countryside Tour

Hi ya!

How’s your Saturday going?  Right now, I’m probably at the beach again.  It’s the second beach trip for this year. But while I’m having fun out here, I’m leaving you with this post about my recent  trip to Bohol.

It’s my first time to ever see and visit Bohol.  I think it’s like the hybrid destination between Cebu and Boracay.  You can get the white sand beach, plus visit many tourist attractions. However, I have to say that not all of these tourist spots are worth it.

Because it’s my first time, I was indulged to do the usual generic countryside tour, and here are a few things I saw –

  • The Chocolate Hills

A trip to Bohol for the first time would not be complete without this ultimate bucket list destination. You have to see the Chocolate Hills.



I was told that there are several sites where you can get a good view.  The one we went to made us climb a very long staircase up a hill to be able to enjoy this amazing view.

  • Tarsier

Again, there are several sites to see the famous tarsier monkeys.  The one we went to was  called the Tarsier Conservation Area.  With an entrance fee of Php50.00, you get to walk up a trail inside a forest area and find the tarsiers in their natural habitat.

There’s a guide to point you to where a tarsier is, usually up a tree sleeping.  We were only allowed to look and take pictures, though. However, I read a blog post that this Tarsier Conservation Area is not legit, and seem to exploit these pretty little creatures.  I didn’t know this at that time, but now, I would definitely recommend visiting another place, like the Tarsier Sanctuary, where tarsiers are being protected legally.


Either that, or just have this photo taken yourself.  Haha!


As travelers, I think it’s our duty not to support things like that just for the sake of tourism.  I wouldn’t want to be responsible for the tarsiers to be exploited  being that they’re already endangered.  Just a thought. 🙂

  • Man-made Forest



I’ve heard of this man-made forest many times. I can’t believe this was built or created about fifty (50) years ago.  It’s beautiful to see up close, but you have to watch out for the vehicles and motorcycles passing thru – it’s beside a highway after all. #BuwisBuhayShots

  • Hanging Bridge over Loboc River

Something nice and different.  It’s also a little slippery and scary – but taking a shot is worth it. You have to pay Php20.00 to cross both.  In our case, we paid, but we didn’t bother to cross all the way.  It was just too scary, too hot, and too much! Haha!


  • Baclayon Church

The church was destroyed during the earthquake sometime in 2013.  As such, it was still being restored and renovated, and we can only take pictures outside.


  • Blood Compact Shrine/Sandugo Shrine

This is a little intriguing.  There were two sites to visit: (1) the original site where the actual blood compact happened between the Spanish explorer Miguel López de Legazpi and Datu Sikatuna, the chieftain of Bohol, to seal their friendship as part of the tribal tradition; and (2) another site which was first thought to be the actual place where the blood compact happened. We visited both though.

The original place where Sandugo happened
The now “fake” blood compact shrine
  • Loboc River Cruise

A one hour cruise along the Loboc River with buffet lunch.  Honestly, after experiencing the one in Lake Sebu where I really enjoyed so much, this Loboc River cruise was like a struggling copycat.  Sorry, just being honest!

waterfalls of Loboc River


I mean, yeah, the forest and the greens was pleasing to the eye.  But other than that, there’s nothing special.  The band aboard our boat was playing modern songs and was a simple disconnect to the wonderful Loboc River that we were seeing.

The boat stops in one area where locals dressed in traditional Filipiniana outfits dance the tinikling and other folk dances for the visitors for about 15 minutes.  It’s mostly targeted for foreigners, and while they were entertained, it was just too “touristy” for me.

Well, that’s it!

Aside from the few disappointing sites, I did enjoy Bohol.  But maybe for next time, I would just go straight to Alona Beach. Lol!


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