Beauty Friday: Kylie’s Dolce K and MAC Cosmo are the same shade!

I have a recent beauty discovery.  It’s pretty amazing, so I feel like sharing it here for my Beauty Friday.

I never realized how my favorite MAC Cosmo lipstick is also “almost” the same shade as Kylie’s Dolce K. Neat, right??!

MAC Cosmo

I “accidentally” discovered this amazing trivia while on a plane.  I know –  of all the places, right? I was in the restroom touching up, and while looking for a lip balm to use over and under Dolce K, because my lips were becoming hella dry that day, I noticed that I forgot to bring a lip balm.  So as luck would have it, I only had a tube of Cosmo.  And as I cannot bear the look of my drying and cracking lips in the mirror, I decided to just use Cosmo over my already-drying up Dolce K.


Et voila! They were of the same shade, and it was the perfect combo to hide my cracking lips.  I mean, you know how liquid lipsticks can be soooo drying, right? The creamy formula of Cosmo was perfect to cover up the dry patches of Dolce K on my lips.

I needed to take a selfie and show it off, stat!

Airplane Toilet Selfie 

Am I the only one who thought of this? Haha! Now I’m trying to see if my other shade of Kylie liquid lipstick would match my MAC Chatterbox. They kinda look the same though.

Anyway, I will try to take a better photo next time, and will let you know soon! Any thoughts?

Happy Beauty Friday!


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