What to Expect from Momo Beach House in Panglao

beachfront of Momo

Hello there!

I honestly don’t know how to begin this post, but as you can see from the title, it’s supposed to be all about Momo Beach House in Panglao, Bohol.

Reception and Dining area
Board games, magazines, yoga mats for entertainment

First off, Momo Beach House is located in the other side of Panglao, and not along the more famous Alona Beach.  Having said that, if you’re the type who likes the crowd, the parties, and some drinking and dancing (which Alona is slowly becoming into), staying here may not be for you.  Although they provide shuttles going to and from Alona, if you choose to party longer than the designated time of pick up, hiring a tricycle to take you home might just be a little too costly and a hassle.

However, Momo Beach House is for you if you’re the type who just wants to be lazy all day and just hangout by the pool and slowly live every vacation moment.  I think that’s precisely what the owners of the beach house had in mind.  They have board games, books, magazines, and yoga mats all around the dining and sitting area to keep you entertained.

pool area

Momo is also a sister-resort of the more expensive and luxurious Amorita Resort.  With that, I think the perks of staying here would be having the access to enter and experience Amorita.  Although you’re not allowed to swim in the pools, you can enjoy dining in their bars or classy restaurants.  It’s also a good way to checkout what this luxury resort has to offer.

One of the pools in Amorita
A villa inside Amorita
Inside Amorita Resort

As for their food and dining options, Momo has this “happy hour” every night selling selected cocktails for half the price. The Beach Tree Cafe menu also have some interesting although limited selections.  Nevertheless, I did enjoy their heaping plates of the breakfast sets (it comes with the room).  I was able to try the chorizo and danggit options.

Food options
Breakfast set

Being a “beach house” is quite a misnomer, however. We were expecting to be able to swim and enjoy the white sand beach; and be able to hangout until the late hours. But because their beach had sea grass beds all over, it was a challenge to swim without stepping on a sea urchin.  So to swim peacefully in the ocean, you have to go to Alona instead. Otherwise, their pool is another option.

The rooms are quite “beachy” though.  We stayed in Yellow Two. There’s wifi and cable TV, although the connection needs to be improved.

Yellow Two

Overall, I think it’s a good place to stay at, depending on your taste.  The friendly staff will also make you feel welcomed, so that’s definitely a plus.


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