Beauty Friday: Kiko’s Unlimited Double Touch Lipstick Review


Hey there, ladies and gents! It’s June, half of 2017 is over! Waah, so fast!

Anyhow, for today, it’s a quick review of Kiko’s Unlimited Double Touch Lipstick in the shade 104 Sangria.

I got this as part of my beauty haul in one of Kiko’s stores in Italy.  With the popularity and hype of liquid lipsticks lately, I guess every brand have their own version now.  And for Kiko, their version was quite popular too.  Needless to say, there were only a few shades left to choose from at the store we went into.  So I got this reddish brown shade which I thought would work best for office wear.

Kiko’s liquid lipsticks come in a unique package.  Instead of matte, it comes as glossy and shiny.  There’s also an added bonus of extra shiny clear gloss – or what they call the “top coat”.


Well, I don’t know about you, but don’t you think matte liquid lipsticks are getting tiring already?  We need something new and I think I found something new indeed.

I love the shine – but more importantly, unlike shiny and glossy lipsticks that usually only last for a maximum of 2-3 hours, this one can last for longer! I wore mine for 5-6 hours, had some coffee in between, and the color was still there.  Of course, it got a little messy for a bit by the end of the 5th hour – but still, the wear time is something pretty impressive.  No wonder the Italians love it so much!


I also think that the shade 104 suits me so well.  It’s perfect for work and for play.

I wish I could have gotten more shades if I knew it was THIS good.  I think I got this for around 8Euros.

Any thoughts?

Happy Beauty Friday!


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