East Coast White Sand Resort in Anda, Bohol


I’ve been to the beach!


And as proof, here are some pictures of the beautiful East Coast White Sand Resort in Anda, Bohol.

To be honest, it was my first time to go to Bohol.  And while I did the usual countryside tour (reserved for a separate post) and went in the more famous Alona Beach in Panglao, I think that the best part was being able to experience East Coast White Sand Resort.

our room for the weekend
The dining area
Parking spaces and the rooms/villas

Our room was situated right infront one of the pools and the view upon opening the glass doors was truly relaxing.  The resort has a total of three pools with one jacuzzi. Of course, our favorite was the one with the jacuzzi near the resort’s dining area. Wifi is available inside the room and in limited areas around the resort. But the signal is quite good, so if you have data services using Smart or Globe, there would be no problem.




I think the place is simply breathtaking, with various shades of blue and green as you look around the resort.  The white sand beach was beautiful and that’s where I got my tan because I spent most of my swimming time on that beach.  The shores were so clean, the sand very fine, and the water was super clear.  We did some snorkeling for a bit and saw some small fish swimming alongside us.  It was fun!

In one of the pools, photo credits to Jam


Another pool in a lighter shade of blue
the third pool and the one infront of our room

Our room came with breakfast, and most of our meals were ordered in the dining area.  Their menu ranged from Filipino to Western dishes and had reasonable prices. Also, because the resort was in a remote area, it was practical to have your meals in the resort, including some alcohol.  A bottle of beer is around Php55.00.

Beers on the beach


They also have a cave pool located beside the lobby.  We tried to check it out, but it was too dark down below for a swim.  You can’t even tell how deep the waters would be, but if you’re the adventure-freak, it might be something worthwhile.

I know I’m bombarding you with a lot of pictures, but it was just difficult to choose which ones to post. Everything was photo-worthy and “Instagrammable”.

If you’re after some clean and quiet fun in an amazing beach and some pools, I highly recommend Anda, Bohol.  Forget the party in Alona or in Boracay, which can sometimes be tiring for being too predictable.  This is the new place to be for awesome beach trips!


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