Exploring the Vatican City

Infront of the Vatican Post

I did a quick blog post a few weeks ago about the Vatican City, but it was more about the Sistine Chapel and the St. Peter’s Basilica.  So for this post, it will be all about Vatican City – the little city surrounded by Rome.

St. Peter’s Basilica
Piazza San Pietro

We all know the Vatican City as the country that houses the Roman Catholic Church “headquarters”. With only 44 hectares of land, it was said to be the smallest city in the world.  It’s also interesting to note that most of its economy rely on its tourist attractions or pilgrimage destinations – mainly the St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums.  They also earn from selling postage stamps, publications, and other tourist memorabilia that depict the Vatican City.  You can actually buy a postcard from the souvenir shops and then have it sent to your home through the Vatican Post.

Entrance to Musei Vaticani
Inside the museum

We went there having booked a ticket for the Vatican Museum tour online, which also included access to see the St. Peter’s Basilica.  We had a little blunder for this, because we arrived late for the tour and weren’t allowed access. To cut the story short, we had to buy another ticket, which means we paid double (I hate admitting this part though)! So if ever you do go, I guess my only advice would be: “don’t be late!” 🙂

Heads of saints and Roman gods
There was little story about these three, but sorry I can’t remember!
with my green earpiece to hear the tour guide’s stories
This is actually a tomb
even the marbled floors were also interesting
In the hall with the old maps of the Old World

The Vatican Museum was interesting as a whole, especially if you like art and religious artifacts.  For me, the most interesting part was having access to see the Sistine Chapel (again, separate post here).

The center of the Basilica
The other side 


Michelangelo’s Pietra
The long list of Popes 

Meanwhile, the St. Peter’s Basilica was so huge.  Upon entering it through its massive doors, I swear I heard some angels singing in the background.  But then, we found out that there a mass going on in the farthest side of the Basilica and what I heard was actually the choir singing.  We tried to ask the cute Swiss guards if we could attend the mass, too; but they were so strict because you can’t just enter in the middle of it. However, after the mass, they finally allowed us to have our rosaries (that we bought as souvenirs) blessed by the priests inside.

Vatican City was also our last destination for our Europe trip. They say that since it was winter when we went, there were not a lot of tourists at the time.  That would mean that the city probably gets crowded during the warmer months. I guess we were lucky in a way.

It’s one of those bucket list destinations, especially if you’re a Catholic.  We spent one whole day exploring the little city, and despite our little blunder, it was still a great day spent.


The cute Swiss guards

Piazza San Pietro at night

I hope you enjoyed my photos as much as I did.  And I also hope you can get to see the Vatican City, too.

Have a good one today!


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