Beauty Friday: What’s a Silisponge?

Friends from the beauty blogging world, have you ever tried the Silisponge? How did it work for you?


I’ve had mine from Molly Cosmetics for about two (2) months now that I also ordered thru @nailsandvanity, and have been using it constantly as an alternate to my brushes.  I use it for my cream foundations, BB creams, CC creams, and liquid foundations.  Basically, it’s for my base.


The application technique was a little weird for me at first, though.  It seems too sticky at first, and I found that (after a lot of practice) the best way to use it was to do the “dabbing” technique.  Unlike a beauty blender or a normal sponge, where you can get away with wiping and rubbing, the Silisponge is best when you just dab the product onto the skin until it dries. Yeah, it’s different, but it works so well for me so far. No streaks, perfect blending, and makes every product last longer on the skin.

I also like that cleaning it is so easy! You just run the Silisponge under water and wash with mild soap.  It’s up to you if you’d want to do this for every use, too. For me though, I only wash it every three (3) days; while I just wipe it off with a soft facial tissue after every use before storing it in its little plastic bag. I guess I’m just too careful not to tear the silicone coating.

After a full day, my foundation still looks great! Thanks, Silisponge!

I love it so far! And I like using it more with cream foundations or heavier foundations. The coverage I get is amazing, compared to brushes.  I think its my new favorite makeup tool. Whoever invented this deserves a huge kiss from me! Haha!

Happy Beauty Friday!


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