Milan, the Magnificent Duomo di Milano, and Other Interesting Places (7 Mins. Read)

Duomo di Milano dedicated to St. Mary of Nativity

Milan is said to be the fashion capital of Italy.  Perhaps, it’s also why it’s the most modern, expensive, and chic of them all. It was our last stop before going to Switzerland for Christmas, and it was also very chilly.

We had two days to spend in Milan in which one day was for the requisite free walking tour.  For our free and first day, we spent it taking pictures of each other in front of the world-famous Duomo Cathedral. I regret that we didn’t even try to enter it, and I’m sure it’s even more beautiful inside.  The thing is – it’s not free to enter it, you have to buy a Milano Pass. Plus, the line was really long.  #MaybeSomeday. Anyway, it was really mesmerizing to see it from every angle.  To learn that they try to clean it every year was an amazing trivia, and it takes them months to finish it.

Trying to get a decent shot with the crowd of  other tourists
From a different point of view
The doves scattered around the Piazza infront of Duomo

My other favorite place in Milan was the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuel. Walking through the grand entrance hall of Milan’s biggest mall, I can see the luxury and richness that Milan has. Every high-end name in Italian fashion has a store inside, which go side by side with other European designers. It’s also fascinating to see some young people doing various poses in every corner of the mall while wearing chic winter clothing.  I’m thinking they must be fashion bloggers, or simply tourists like us going for the best Instagram-worthy pictures.  It’s fun watching them! The Christmas Tree was also adorned by authentic Swarovski crystals. So posh!

The grand entrance of Galleria Vittorio Emmanuel
Notice the guy in the black velvet coat? Yeah, he was so posh doing his posts!
Versace and Prada


During the walking tour, we also saw the Sforza Castle, the University of Milan, and other cool historical places, including Italy’s first skyscraper.  It was also in Milan where I had my first Gnocchi which I ordered with some hot chocolate.  We also had our first McItaly meal here.

Sforza Castle
Italy’s first skyscraper and where most Mafia movies were filmed
With our tour guide infront of University of Milan
Milan’s Stock Exchange with a very controversial Middle Finger marble sculpture called L.O.V.E.Libertà, Odio, Vendetta, Eternità (Freedom, Hate, Vengeance, Eternity)  made sometime 2010
How cool is this smart car?

But while Milan is charming, it’s also a very busy and crowded city. Oh, and did I mention expensive? I  can usually get a cup of latte in Rome for about 1.50 Euros; while in Milan, it’ll cost you more than 2 Euros. These little things matter to me, you know. #CoffeeIsLife

I’m thinking that if I ever did have another chance to go to Italy, I will probably skip Milan. Well, I’ll probably go back just to go inside the Duomo, but I don’t know…for me, it’s not as charming as Rome or Florence.

How about you, have you ever been to Milan? Any thoughts?


P.S. I’m almost done with all my #Eurogoals posts.  Stay tuned for more updates!

Happy Tuesday!

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