Mystery Manila in Century City Mall


Aloha! What were you up to during the long weekend?  Did you go to the famous #LaBoracay? Or went abroad, perhaps somewhere with a cooler weather?

As for me, I just stayed in Manila, went malling, went to a friend’s house blessing, did a little bit of cleaning the condo, and finished the “Stranger Things” series. Oh, and I also went to try Mystery Manila with some friends.


Mystery Manila has many branches and in every branch, there are different set of rooms where you need to escape or solve in 60 minutes or less.  Every room has its own theme, and some were even scary. In our case, we tried the room called “Pym Particle” in Century City Mall.  It’s the room where you need to find the “pym” and then escape the room.  The staff recommended it being our first time, and said that it was the easiest to solve.   If you’re familiar with escape games online, you can probably get the hang of it easily.

The different rooms with different themes


It was all our first time to try it, and it seemed a little intimidating and scary at first.   In our group of three, I was the only one who was kinda familiar with online escape games – but playing the real thing is an entirely different thrill and experience.  So I guess that’s why it took us a long time (about 30 mins.) to figure out the first clue! We also asked for a couple of hints.  It was that difficult – I mean you really need to use all your brain cells! LOL!

“Almost solved!”

In the end, and after 60 minutes, we were not able to find the “pym” and were not able to escape the room.  However, our Mystery Manila guide said that we “almost made it”, because there were only two locks left.  Hence, our photo wall caption.

Oh well, better luck next time! At least, we had a little thrill and something different to experience.  I highly recommend it to groups of friends or family, and even if you didn’t solve anything, it would still be a different kind of fun! Plus, it never hurts to learn something new. In our case, we learned a few science facts.

Have you ever tried this kind of game?


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