Minor Basilica of Saint Martin of Tours


For this Good Friday, let’s go visit a famous church in the Philippines.

The Minor Basilica of Saint Martin of Tours, also called the “Taal Basilica”, is famously known as Asia’s biggest Catholic church. I did mention this in my blog post about Taal before, but for today, let’s see more of it.

Inside the Basilica 

I’ve been here twice already, and every time, I always pray or wish for something. There was also an ongoing wedding during our visit. I can just imagine the bride having to walk down that long aisle! She better be wearing comfy shoes!

Up the dome
Another side of the Dome
This huge chandelier though

Aside from going inside the church itself, everyone is also free to roam around the grounds of the Basilica. There’s a garden, small fountain, and a mini museum beside the priests’ quarters.  While walking around, we didn’t realize that we were also able to go inside the priests’ dining area and we saw some of them in regular clothes (a.k.a. wearing shorts) and just hanging around.  But they seem quite normal about it, and even greeted us nicely.  I’m guessing because of the many visitors that they have on a normal basis, they are all used to seeing strangers walking in on them while having merienda.

Enjoy your long weekend, folks!


P.S. It’s so summer! I’m in Subic now and gearing up for a beach visit. I need to dip in water, stat!

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