Beauty Friday: Kiko’s Blush Cocoa Shock


It’s officially summer in the PH, and when I think of summer makeup, I always go for something light and bright.

Speaking of light and bright, these blocks of pretty blushes from Kiko Milano, which I got in my Italian makeup haul post, are totally on point. It’s called Cocoa Shock because of the packaging I guess.  It looks like a huge block of milk chocolate!



They’re bright in a summery-kind of way, you know what I mean? Like pastel bright.  And when applied on this gal’s cheeks, I get a brightening glow – almost like putting blush and highlighter in one. I like swirling my brush on the two shades together, like mixing them. They remind me of Benefit’s Dandelion, only with two shades.


While looking closely, you can see small silver glitters in there.  But on my cheeks, there’s no trace of glitter at all – I just get some kinda sheen with bits of pastel pinks.  I really like it!


Downside though – it’s not long wearing.  Well, I only get about three (3) hours wear time max. But I don’t mind reapplying, except that I’m scared of bringing the blush in my purse all the time.  I can see it being broken to pieces (nooo!!!) when I’m not too careful, so yeah, that sucks.  So instead, I like layering it over my cream or liquid cheek tints to get longer wear time.

Happy Beauty Friday!


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